19 rue de Téhéran 75008 Paris  FRANCE


Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon

19 rue de Téhéran 75008 Paris  FRANCE
19 rue de Téhéran 75008 Paris  FRANCE



Consultations are held only upon appointment, in the morning or in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday included, at Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE’s medical practice: 19 rue de Téhéran 75008 Paris. State holidays and annual leave are excluded.

A 45 to 90 - minute initial pre-operative consultation is necessary. Several consultations are often required to have a thorough assessment and enable the patient to receive all the information necessary to an enlightened consent. Outside the scope of emergency, the initial consultation is to take place at least 15 days before surgery.

This deadline enables the patient to check their own motivations towards the information delivered during the pre-operative consultations.

The information details the surgery, the surgical procedure, the type of anesthesia required, the surgical follow-up, the other therapeutic alternatives, the complete estimate: the surgeon and anesthetist-physician fees, clinic fees (operating room, patient room, additional fee for a private room or extra accompanying bed…)

To make an appointment, call Sandrine, Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE’s secretary:

  •      Phone : +33 1 47 42 90 70
  •      email : info.drbpparis@gmail.com

Further Exam :

According to the purpose of the consultation, various further exams may be necessary to diagnose and establish a thorough assessment and will be prescribed by Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE (dental panoramic radiograph, front and profile cephalometric x-ray, specific dental radiograph (retroalveolar radiograph), MRI scan, recording of the occlusion (digital or plaster cast). Patients are advised to bring all previously run exams during the initial consultation (do not hesitate to ask them to the family dentist or GP).

To learn about the various ways to go to the radiology institute in charge of MRI scan and digital radiograph (front and profile cephalometric x-ray, dental panoramic radiograph) (Institut Radiologique de Paris ; 7, rue Berthie Albrecht 75008 Paris 0153838282)