19 rue de Téhéran 75008 Paris  FRANCE


Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon

19 rue de Téhéran 75008 Paris  FRANCE
19 rue de Téhéran 75008 Paris  FRANCE


Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE’s surgical interventions refer to:

  • orthognathic surgery also known as jaw surgery
  • Implantology and pre-implant surgery (bone grafting)
  • Surgery of maxilla spread cyst and maxilla non carcinogenic tumors
  • Surgery of impacted teeth or ectopic teeth (teeth located outside their usual spot) and other oral surgery procedures.

Surgery takes place :

  • Either at the clinic: Clinique HARTMANN 26, Boulevard Victor Hugo 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine (for general anesthesia).
  • Or at Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE’s medical practice ; 19, rue de Téhéran 75008 Paris (for (strict) local anesthesia)

Concerning surgery performed at Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE’s medical practice

Patients have to be at the medical practice 30 minutes prior surgery. An operating room specifically dedicated to surgery as well as sterilization compliant with sanitary norms is provided.

Concerning surgery performed at the clinic

Two types of hospitalizations can be scheduled:

  • Outpatient surgery (also known as same-day surgery or ambulatory surgery) does not require an overnight hospital stay. Patients may enter and leave the facility on the same day.
  • Inpatient surgery (the patient spends at least one night post surgery at the clinic). The length of hospitalization is determined by Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE and the anesthetist-physician during the pre-operative consultations.

Whatever surgical intervention proposed and taking into account the patient’s safety and comfort, outpatient surgery or short duration hospitalizations are advised.

When clinic admission is on the same day as the surgery, fasting prior surgery time is mandatory (6 hours prior surgery for solids, 2 hours prior for liquids, smoking must be stopped entirely).

In case of an outpatient surgery, the patient’s discharge is authorized only following the surgeon and anesthetist-physician’s consent. When going back home, the patient must be accompanied and can’t drive his vehicle under any circumstances.
Hospitalization for underaged patients. Compulsory administrative procedure

Upon admission of an underaged child scheduled for surgery, a consent form duly signed by both parents as well as the photocopies of the ID cards or passports of the child and both parents must be handed to the admission office secretary.

The clinic

For safety and care standard reasons, Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE only operates at Hartmann Clinic.

Hartmann Clinic belongs to a health center comprising three clinics: Hartmann Clinic, Ambroise Paré Clinic and Pierre Cherest Clinic. Most surgical specialties are performed there. Maxillofacial surgery is performed at Hartmann Clinic. The synergistic and complementary work provided by the specialists of these three health facilities offers the best safety and quality of care to the patients.

Pursuant to 1996 Founding Law and successive legislation of 2002 and 2004 aiming to improve the quality and safety of care in health facilities, Hartmann Clinic is committed to certification procedures. For further information about Hartmann Clinic certification, click here

Various categories of rooms are available to hospitalized patients. For further information about Hartmann Clinic and its services, log on www.ambroisepare.fr

For hospitalized patients’ families, several hotels of various categories are available nearby Hartmann Clinic. To know more about hotels located nearby Hartmann Clinic click here

Pre-operative anesthesia assessment

  • Every surgical intervention requires a mandatory pre-operative assessment. Outside the scope of emergency, the pre-operative assessment is to take place at least 48 hours prior surgery.

This assessment, led by the anesthetist-physician, is composed of a medical history interview (including the patient’s medical history and current state), a clinical assessment and various further medical examinations prescribed according to warning signs : Electrocardiogram (ECG), bronchoradiography, biological check-up : blood count, blood coagulation assessment, Hbc serology, HIV,  multi-resistant bacteria research…

Within medical history, allergy history and current medication treatments are to be reported to the surgeon Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE and to the anesthetist-physician. During initial consultations it is strongly advised to bring current prescriptions as well as the various practitioners’ information: GP, medical specialists, current dentist practitioner or other specialists (Implantologist, Orthodontist)

Whatever date is scheduled for surgery, Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE’s secretary will get the future patient in touch with the anesthetist-physician in charge of the pre-operative anesthesia assessment which takes place at Hartmann Clinic. To find out how to get to Hartmann Clinic click here.

  • Concerning surgery with (strict) local anesthesia performed at Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE’s medical practice operating room, the same assessment and medical history of each patient will be prescribed by Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE.

General scheduling of the treatment and quote

Whatever the pathology and the surgical intervention proposed, the general scheduling of the treatment remains the same:

1. Confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment schedule during the pre-operative consultation(s) with Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE.

2. Complete information about the type of surgery and its procedure, the type of anesthesia required, post surgical follow-up, the other therapeutic alternatives available and their advantages and drawbacks. An information form is handed to the patient.

3. A complete quote: Practitioners' fees (surgeon and anesthetist-physician), hospitalization costs (operating room, patient's room, additional cost for accompanying bed, etc.)

4. A report is sent to the family physician who directed the patient to Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE. A duplicate of this document is handed to the patient.

5. Patient’s signature of the consent form. Outside the scope of emergency a significant period of reflection must precede signing the consent form.

6. Consultation with the anesthetist-physician and carrying out the anesthetic pre-operative assessment. For patients coming from abroad and to reduce the number of trips to France, all pre-operative consultations (the anesthetic pre-operative assessment, consultation with the anesthetist-physician and the various further X-ray medical examinations) can be carried out in one day during a short duration stay in Paris prior surgery. Dr. Benoît PHILIPPE’s secretary is in charge of coordinating all appointments and booking the various means of transport required to get there.

7. Surgical intervention (a document including the dates, clinic admission time and discharge time is given to each patient).